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How to Dry a Baseball Cap

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In our other guide, we talked at length about washing a baseball cap and briefly about drying one. Drying your washed baseball cap in the correct way is extremely important to make sure that your hat doesn’t get damaged in the process. Well, this article offers steps on how to dry a baseball cap after washing. It also mentions what techniques you should avoid because those can destroy your cap. So, here’s what you should know.

Steps on How to Dry Your Baseball Cap

The steps mentioned below pertain to the only correct method of drying your washed baseball cap. Air drying your cap will prevent wrinkles and general damage. Of course, this drying method is rather long. So, you will need to make sure that you wash it at least a full day before you plan to wear it. With that said, here are some important steps you must keep in mind.

Pat Dry the Cap First

As soon as you’re done rinsing the cap, use a thick clean towel to pat dry the hat. Keep patting different parts of your cap to ensure your towel soaks up as much water as possible. Turn the towel to a different side when you feel like one part of it has gotten too wet. Continuing to pat your cap with a wet towel will do next to nothing to dry it.

Air Dry the Cap by Placing It on an Object

Once you feel like there’s no more water to soak from your towel, reshape it so that the top of the cap faces upward. After that, place your baseball cap over any large, round object that has a similar shape and size to your head. Some examples include a bowl, an upside-down coffee tin, etc.

Thus, leave your baseball hat on that object and let it dry. The purpose of putting your cap on the object to dry is to allow the cap to maintain its shape as it dries.

Make sure to pick an open space to allow the water to evaporate. Avoid placing it in a place with a lot of moisture, like your bathroom. It will take longer for the hat to dry in a place with high moisture. If you must keep your hat under the sun, don’t leave it there for long.

Drying Techniques You Should Avoid

An important aspect of knowing how to dry a baseball cap is to know which techniques are bad. So, avoid using a dryer because it will damage your hat.

Also, don’t use an iron or a hairdryer to quicken the drying process. The heat from these devices may burn the seams and make them hard. As a result, they may cause some discomfort whenever you have your hat on. In addition to that, the iron could cause an unwanted sheen on the cap that can make it look awful after you’re done.

Last Few Words

After reading this guide on how to dry a baseball cap, it must be clear how important it is to follow the right drying techniques to keep your caps in great condition.