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How to Wash a Baseball Cap

A person wearing a baseball cap that will need washing
A person wearing a baseball cap that will need washing

Whether you play baseball or not, baseball caps are a great clothing accessory to add to your style. After a game or general use, the cap can get dirty. In addition to external dirt clinging onto your cap, your sweat can make it smelly. So, periodically washing your cap the right way will ensure that it looks and feels fresh whenever it’s on your head. With that said, here are the steps on how to wash a baseball cap. 

Steps on How to Wash a Baseball Cap

Before we begin, you may be wondering, “Can you wash a baseball cap?” Yes, you can wash it with laundry detergent and water. Here are the steps involved. 

Fill a Clean Bucket or Sink with Water

If you’re using a sink, make sure that you clean it beforehand. You don’t want any gunk on the sink to get onto your baseball cap. Use either warm or cool water to clean your cap. In some cases, the tag on the cap may mention the preferred washing temperature. 

Add Laundry Detergent to the Water

Make sure to add only about two drops of laundry detergent. Too much of it could damage your cap. If you don’t’ have detergent, you can use stain remover powder. That said, it’s better to stick with laundry detergent as that may not be as harsh as stain remover. Therefore, you can still ensure that your cap looks new even after a wash. 

Soak the Cap in the Water

One of the most critical steps of this process is to let it soak up the water and the detergent. Make sure that every part of the cap is submerged in the water. If some of it is out, turn it around after a few minutes. 

Rinse the Cap

After the soak, use warm or cool running water to rinse the baseball cap. Make sure to put every part of the cap under the water. This way, you’ll ensure there is no soapy residue left in some crevices of the cap. Keep rinsing it until you don’t see any more soap come out of the cap. 

Dry the Cap

Drying the cap is a long but simple process. First, use a thick towel to pat dry the cap. After that, reshape it and place it over any object that has a similar size and shape to your head. Let the hat dry while leaving it on that object. The object ensures that the cap doesn’t lose its shape when it dries.

Can you dry clean a baseball cap? It’s best that you don’t do so to avoid ruining it. 

Last Few Words 

Now that you know how to clean a baseball cap, you can ensure that your hat is clean whenever you want to wear it to a big game. Just remember to always hand wash and air dry your hat.