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Is Wearing a Baseball Cap Bad for Your Hair?

man wearing black cap
A man wearing a baseball hat over a black t-shirt

Is wearing a baseball cap bad for your hair? Well, that is not always the case, but it can be potentially harmful to your hair growth in the long term. That obviously doesn’t mean that you should never wear baseball caps. Instead, it means that you should not wear it all the time, and you should wear it properly. Therefore, this guide explains what effects can baseball caps and other similar hats have on your hair and what you can do to limit their effects.

Is Wearing a Baseball Cap Bad for Your Hair and Why?

To quickly answer the question, it can ruin your hair. The reason for this is that wearing your cap too tightly can restrict the blood circulation in your head. As a result of that, the hair follicles can get less than necessary blood.

In addition to that, the hair follicles may get scarred and mature sooner than expected. What happens, in that case, is that your hair growth is affected. Your hair may start to thin, or your hair may stop growing altogether. This condition is known as traction alopecia. 

That said, what you should note is that your cap won’t pull your hair out. Moreover, the follicles won’t start to get damaged overnight. It can take years for you to actually start to see any negative effects. So, wearing your baseball caps won’t make you bald. Male pattern baldness is based on completely different factors. However, a cap can negatively affect your hair, as described above, if you wear it too often and don’t wear it properly. 

How to Reduce the Chances of Baseball Caps Ruining Your Hair

If you want to ensure your hair is healthy for as long as possible, you can take a few measures to do so. Read on about them below. 

Don’t Wear Your Baseball Cap Too Often 

It’s best not to make baseball caps the defining element of your style. Wear it occasionally to enhance your aesthetic whenever you see fit. You’ll lower the chances of it affecting your hair if it isn’t always on your head. 

Wear Your Baseball Cap the Right Way 

In our complete guide on how to wear a baseball cap, we discussed how important it is to ensure that your cap fits snugly on your head. However, we also explained that wearing it too tightly can restrict blood flow. Therefore, make sure your hat sits on your head well, but don’t make it too tight to the point that you can feel it squeezing your head. 

Last Few Words

So, the answer to the question “is wearing a baseball cap bad for your hair?” is yes and no. If you’re smart about how you wear your cap, you’re likely to harm your hair in the long term.